Barry St. Clair
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We equip leaders globally who influence the younger generation to follow Jesus.

Global Highlights


In Kathmandu, Nepal, Kim Bearden, a long time friend and youth leader, trained 19 leaders in Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry at Gungabu Church.

Report from Cuba - October 2014

Elio Martiz, one of Reach Out's Cuba Team Leaders, gives a report on Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry in Cuba.

Click to read Barry's report from the 2015 Cuba trip.



Youth ministries in Ukraine experience over 350% growth after implementing Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry. The number of churches experiencing this growth is multiplying exponentially.

Middle East

Courageous youth leaders in the Middle East proclaim Christ boldly and wisely, even though that can lead to prison and death. Reach Out has stepped in with training and resources to assist them.

East Africa

In East Africa 75% of the population is under 25. In 13 countries Reach Out has equipped and resourced over 3,000 youth leaders in Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry, and 402,000 students have engaged with the Gospel in their schools.

Global Resources

Reach Out has produced over 22 books in 11 languages: Arabic, Armenian, Farsi, French, German, Kinyarwanda, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swahili.


Over 50% of Cuba's 11 million people are under 25 year old. Yet even under Communism youth ministry flourishes. Over 1,500 youth leaders have received Jesus-focused training through Reach Out’s Cuba team.


Youth comprise 70% of Peru's population. Reach Out’s Peru leaders make a difference having trained over 630 youth leaders in Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry. Some travel 14 hours by bus to attend!


In Russia twenty-three million young people live across eleven time zones. Our recent trip to Siberia confirmed that Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry is impacting the lives of youth leaders and teenagers.

Video Highlights

Nepal Testimony

In Kathmandu, Nepal, Kim Bearden, a long time friend and youth leader, trained 19 leaders in Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry at Gungabu Church.

Barry St. Clair's Message

Disciple-Making: The Journey Inward & Outward (42 mins)

February 2015, Colleyville, Texas


"My King" Monologue

Enjoy this inspiring video of "My King" delivered by Barry's son, Jonathan St. Clair, when the two spoke together at Perimeter Church in Atlanta in 1995.

National Highlights

Disciple-Making in Action

Lee Grady became a disciple of Jesus at 15 in Barry’s first Discipleship Group. Forty years later they inspire and equip young men to disciple others at Lee’s Bold Venture Conferences.

Long-Term, Life-Changing Youth Ministry

After 38 years Rick Eubanks still multiplies ministry in places like Alaska.

Inspiring Influence in Arkansas

Randy Brantley has influenced over 700 youth leaders like Dustin Sams: "If Randy has not helped me put JFYM all together then, I would be laying bricks today."

Texas Momentum

Kurt Klement at St. Ann’s Catholic Church leads over 600 active kids and 45 highly engaged volunteers. His church illustrates Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry’s momentum in Texas.

Robin’s Revolution

Robin Merrill, wife and mother of two teenage boys, leads “The Revolution Community” at her church in Georgia. That youth ministry is on fire for Jesus after using Reach Out’s training and resources to disciple students.

Connecting in Clarkston, GA

Clarkston, GA the most diverse square mile in America - a different language for every 100 square feet.  At the JFYM Forum in early 2014, 18 diverse leaders came together to learn how to lead youth to follow Jesus.