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Relationships gain more value to me the longer I live. Connecting with people motivates me. This section of Reach Out's website gives me the opportunity to make those connections with you. Every month I write an update on the ministry of Reach Out that I design to both encourage and challenge. It spans the globe and tells inspiring stories of younger generation leaders who have focused on Jesus and have seen much fruit produced through their lives and ministries as a result. As for you, I hope your vision expands as you see ever more clearly that "He who abides in me [Jesus], and I in him, he will bear much fruit, for apart from me you can do nothing" (John 15:5).  


Nepal Making Disciple-Makers
“We never knew that we could disciple people until we were exposed to Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry. We thought going to church was all we needed to do.”
 Nepal Youth Leader

In Nepal, disciple-making is rare. Yet after Kim Bearden's two month ministry trip to equip numerous leaders in Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry (JFYM), those leaders have begun to disciple others.
Training A Long Process Resulting in Transformation
Training leaders takes a significant time investment. As Reach Out's leader in Nepal, Kim has invested in the lives of Nepal's leaders during numerous trips there.

Kim has earned the respect and trust of leaders in whose lives he has invested—seminary professors, Bible college students, youth leaders and teenagers.
Kim has partnered with Rajiv, our Nepali leader, to conduct Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry in Nepal. Together they led JFYM trainings in three locations Ithari, Pokhara, and Chitwan. In each place, the leaders responded enthusiastically.

Through this training process, the Lord has begun to transform lives.
Using Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry, young leaders like Rebika Kouchin, have embraced the disciple-making vision and have applied it. Rebika is a previous JFYM Forum attendee.
“I was 20 years old when I attended my first training in JFYM. Before the training, my church and our leaders did not have any plan for how we would work with youth.”

Today, Rebika is 23 years old. She leads a group of girls each week to passionately pursue Jesus. They study the Bible, memorize Scripture, and learn how to become disciple-makers themselves.

These groups continue to pop up in many places in Nepal all because of the Lord’s movement through the Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry training. 
Disciple-Making A Seed Planted Begins a Multiplying Movement
Over time training to make disciples leads to life change that results in a Multiplying Movement. Like a seed planted, growth has begun to happen in Nepal—and it will continue to flourish. 

For example, 250 teenagers and 55 youth leaders attended a camp led by Kim and Rajiv. They spoke on “My Identity in Christ” to the older students and “Spending Time with God” to the younger ones.

A high level of enthusiasm followed each of the teaching sessions and the worship experiences as these teenagers discovered “who I am in Christ”.

The 55 youth leaders received coaching from Kim and Rajiv on  how to lead a weekly discipleship group and other topics on relational disciple-making that they can apply in their churches.
Nepal—Where to from Here?
To continue growing this seed of a disciple-making movement, Kim will leave America in early 2018 to live in Nepal for two years.

He will further engage with Rajiv and a number of other professors, youth leaders and pastors who will discover more about how to intentionally make disciples and multiply them.
You can help send Kim to Nepal!
You can actually adopt Nepal if you want.
Email us if the Lord leads you to respond.
Your prayers and gifts to Reach Out continue
to sustain our ministry in 30 countries.
Thank you!  
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Jesus is Lord


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