The Reach Out Youth Solutions team represents a diverse range of spiritually gifted people. We invite you to read the staff bios below to know more about them.

Team1Barry St. Clair—Founder & President

Barry desires to influence as many as possible in the younger generation to follow Jesus.  As founder and president of Reach Out Youth Solutions, he has been on the cutting edge of youth ministry for over thirty years, equipping youth leaders, parents and students in over thirty countries.  Through his leadership, thousands of churches have implemented strategies for Jesus-focused youth ministry.  He is the author of more than twenty-five books, including Parent Fuel.  Barry played basketball for the third-ranked team in the nation, and he has run the Boston Marathon.  He and his wife, Lawanna, have five married children, twelve grandchildren and live in Atlanta, Georgia.

Global Leaders

Elio Martiz—Cuba
Pino Fernandez—Cuba
Charles Juma—East Africa
Marc Edgar—Middle East
Lazaro & Ari Acosta—Panama
Cynthia Sundman—Peru
Pasha & Tanya Karyakin—Russia
Glenn Campbell—South Africa
Doug Landro—Ukraine
Igor & Alyona Minenko—Ukraine
Kristina Oleksyuk—Ukraine 



Sara Hampstead—Administrative Director



Joelle Miller—National Director



Patty Martin—Executive Assistant


Lawanna St. Clair—Admin Assistant


Dava Aul—Donor Care


Gordon Ellis

Gordon and Ellis McIntyre—Accounting


Student Resources

When you made the training so practical, biblical and simple and then gave us twenty-five books to take home in our own language (French), I began to cry and thank God. "

(Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso)