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Youth ministries in Ukraine experience over 350% growth after implementing Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry. The number of churches experiencing this growth is multiplying exponentially.

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In Ukraine, we find the largest and fastest growing community of Christians in all of Europe, and one of the fastest in the world. A century of militant atheism, during which young people were forbidden to attend church, has left a spiritually hungry generation of young people and the church unequipped to reach them. Our Ukraine team’s strategy is to create a national movement of churches coaching other churches, who then coach other churches–multiplying Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry.

Doug and Marina Landro, Igor and Alyona Minenko, Kristina Oleksyuk, ukraine-igor-alanya-174x150Ghenna Vakulenko, 11 Eagle Leaders and 15 more in training lead Reach Out’s team. They now coach over 20 churches at a time in Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry. Currently Ruka Dopomogy’s (Reach Out’s) growing number of Eagle Leaders serves as a national team of Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry trainers. Many oversee youth ministry in their denominations representing 12 denominations and 16 regions of Ukraine, plus Belarus and Siberia.

Beyond this the team has a strong influence in many other aspects of national ministry. They train 300 youth leaders each year at their national and regional conferences. Through summer projects, they assist youth leaders in developing effective camp outreach ministries. Participation in the Alliance of Youth Ministries in Ukraine impacts hundreds of other churches. And RD Press, a highly successful publishing company led by our team, produces Reach Out’s resources in Russian.

Going Forward

Reach Out plans to:

  • Ukraine Praying 196X1501Publish the fifth edition of the Moving Towards Maturity discipleship.
  • Coach another 5 churches in 2016.  When these are complete we will have coached 53 churches.
  • Create an online resource for training youth ministry remotely.

As a result, Ukraine churches will continue to grow as a fruit-bearing, multiplying movement that produces successive generations of well-equipped leaders who reach and disciple the younger generation.


Reach Out’s History in Ukraine

In 1990’s Reach Out began conducting large conferences and mentored a few youth leaders to encourage them in the early days of freedom after communism. Few acted on what we taught them.

In 1997 Doug Landro arrived and began mentoring youth leaders to implement Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry, producing two current Eagle Leaders — Sergey Bogomazuk, and Ghenna Vakulenko.

In 2000 Doug realized the need for additional change and created a Youth Ministry School offering 170 hours of instruction. Two Eagle Leaders emerged: Vova Bilik and Sasha Kulbich. However, “lone ranger” youth leaders struggled to implement Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry in their churches.

Since 2004, Doug and our Ukrainian director, Igor Minenko, have created dramatic change—from equipping one youth leader from many churches to equipping many youth leaders from one church. Instead of students going to the school, the school goes to their church—six weekend sessions over twelve months. The church signs an agreement that all younger generation leaders—pastor, youth leaders, parents and students—will participate, then upon completion they will coach another church. Every younger generation leader in the church gets on board with Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry!

In 2010-2012, each year, through the 20 churches that our Ukraine team coaches approximately…

  • 563 teenagers gave their lives to Christ
  • 281 young people were discipled
  • 161% average increase per church in adults called to work with kids
  • 359% average increase of kids in youth ministry

Today, using the Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry strategy based on prayer, leadership development, disciple-making and evangelism, the numbers of churches, Eagle Leaders (experienced trainers) and youth coming to Christ are multiplying exponentially.

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God is using Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry in Malindi, Kenya to change how churches think about and do youth ministry."

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