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MISSION: To initiate a global youth movement that will begin to reach and disciple the world's 2.3 billion 10-29 years old -- focusing on the least reached and most densely populated places.

PRINCIPLES: Jesus focused--Prayer focused--Scripture believed--Church and Family based--Leadership developed--Disciples made--Evangelism engaged--Trainers trained to train others--Multiplying results

VALUES: Relationship, Leadership, Strategy, Partnership.

GLOBAL YOUTH COALITION offers SATURATION MULTIPLICATION TRAINING (SMT) as a strategy designed to UNITE all evangelical church youth ministries within a country for the purpose of providing QUALITY YOUTH MINISTRY TRAINING with the GOAL of REACHING AND DISCIPLING all youth, ages 10-29, through relationally and meaningfully SHARING THE GOSPEL OF JESUS and MAKING DISCIPLES of all who respond in order that they GROW TOWARD MATURITY and quickly begin to DISCIPLE OTHERS resulting in MULTIPLYING MINISTRY.

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The youth of any nation or society is its greatest treasure. Due to circumstances and neglect, we have failed to see and nurture the tremendous potential of this generation of young people.

The National Network of Youth Ministries desires to step out and work alongside youth leaders and other caring adults locally and nationally to reach and equip young people for Jesus Christ.

Networking means leveraging our efforts - working together. And "together" means all of us - youth workers, teenage leaders, teachers, parents, other adults - everyone who loves kids. Visit their website

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