Adopt A Country - Africa

Adopt A Country - Africa


Once you engage in giving to Adopt A Country you will become a Country Advocate.

Your worldview will expand quickly as you relationally connect to your Country Leader and Team. Your partnership will build a bridge of supportive relationships that will result in exponentially multiplying the number of reached and discipled teenagers in that country. Reach Out will facilitate the communication.

*To pledge, you can fill out this Recurring Donation Form or Email Us for additional assistance in completing this process.

*To give now, specify the country you want to adopt at check-out in the comment box. 

Countries To Adopt

Botswana Kenya   Zambia
Burundi Rwanda   Zimbabwe
DR of Congo Tanzania   Malawi
Ethiopia Uganda   Mozambique




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Robbie Norman

These valuable resources hit the bulls-eye for student discipleship."

Robbie Norman
(Covington, GA)