Blueprint for America

Blueprint for America


Reach Out’s toughest training challenge is in America. Only 10% of our teenagers have any involvement in an evangelical church and a large percentage of those teenagers drop out by graduation. Yet churches seem paralyzed to radically return to Jesus and His way of doing ministry. Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry creates an opportunity to reverse the current “mile wide, inch deep” trend. This year Reach Out will conduct 20 Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry Forums equipping 750 younger generation leaders through our 61 Eagle Leaders.

$77,500 is needed to fund this challenge. Will you give a sacrificial gift so we can continue the desperately needed change in the neediest country in the world?




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Karine Gratton

When I was 15 Barry spoke at a youth conference in Montreal, Quebec. With his Spending Time Alone with God book I learned how to do my devotions. This has stayed with me since then. Now when teaching university students about how to walk with Jesus I always tell people about this book."

Karine Gratton
(Montreal, Quebec)