Building Leaders 3-Book Set

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Building Leaders for Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry offers a biblical, practical plan to equip volunteer leaders. They will find the motivation, vision and skills to build relationships with and disciple believing students, as well as communicate Christ to non-believing students. This easy-to-use, interactive, three book set includes twelve sessions per book and easily adapts to your church’s calendar.

  • A Personal Walk With Jesus Christ (Book 1) guides leaders to grow in intimacy with Jesus.
  • A Vision for Life and Ministry (Book 2) expands your leaders vision for their life and ministry.
  • Essential Tools for Leading Students (Book 3) provides your leaders with the needed skills effectively influence students.

Audio set: Six free downloadable messages by Barry St. Clair, Dave Busby and Louie Giglio. See ‘Free Resources.’/p>

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Youth Leader Resources
Karine Gratton

When I was 15 Barry spoke at a youth conference in Montreal, Quebec. With his Spending Time Alone with God book I learned how to do my devotions. This has stayed with me since then. Now when teaching university students about how to walk with Jesus I always tell people about this book."

Karine Gratton
(Montreal, Quebec)