Leading Edge Trip Climber’s Guide

Leading Edge Trip Climber’s Guide

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The Leading Edge Trip Climbers Guide by Barry St. Clair will equip your students for a cross-cultural trip. Focusing on 7 leadership qualities of Jesus, students will:

  • Mature in intimacy with Jesus through quiet times, journaling and Scripture memory
  • Trust God for financial needs
  • Love others with Christ-like compassion
  • Lead as a servant
  • Strengthen personal relationships and small group leadership skills
  • Communicate the message of Jesus boldly
  • Create a vision for life and ministry

The 150 page Leading Edge Trip Climbers Guide builds students into leaders because it prepares them in six training sessions to:

  • Discover these 7 leadership qualities IN PREPARATION FOR THE TRIP
  • Experience these 7 leadership qualities ON THE TRIP
  • Apply these 7 leadership qualities at home, school and church AFTER THE TRIP.
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Youth Leader Resources
Bob McNeil

Thanks to the crew at Reach Out for quality discipleship resources. We are taking about 60 youth and adults through Jesus No Equal this summer and use the Moving Toward Maturity series continually."

Bob McNeil
(Crestview, FL)