Middle East Challenge

Middle East Challenge


The most dangerous and difficult area of the globe is the Middle East. Yet young people are amazingly open to the gospel of Jesus despite persecution. Since 2005, Reach Out has equipped younger generation leaders and translated resources in several countries. Plans are in place for further training of selected indigenous leaders from three countries. Then they will equip more leaders from their countries in Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry. (Due to the sensitive nature of this training, we cannot give specific plans. For more information, contact us.)
$82,700 will equip indigenous leaders to reproduce Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry in three countries. Will you invest in this very challenging endeavor?




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Bob McNeil

Thanks to the crew at Reach Out for quality discipleship resources. We are taking about 60 youth and adults through Jesus No Equal this summer and use the Moving Toward Maturity series continually."

Bob McNeil
(Crestview, FL)