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Parent Fuel Leader’s Guide

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Leading a group of parents through Parent Fuel offers you the opportunity not only to focus on your own parenting but also to influence other parents.

You will connect a group of parents to the Parent Fuel resources so they can discover and take action on their parenting purpose: to love God with all their hearts and to lead their kids to do the same.

This Parent Fuel Leader’s Guide will…

  • Direct you to the resources you need for yourself, your Parent Fuel Experience group and/or church.
  • Give you timeline options for your church or group.
  • Provide you with suggestions for leading your group.
  • Encourage you to identify and train new group leaders in order to begin new Parent Fuel Experience groups.
  • Guide you to design your own unique plan of action for your group.
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Mike Sigfrids

Moving Toward Maturity has allowed me to invest in my son and 4 of his friends for an hour before school. Most exciting is how often the conversation at the restaurant has extended to their classroom."

Mike Sigfrids
(Xenia, OH)