Penetrating the Campus

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Students today desparately need to be reached where they are–at school! As students face the emotional, social, and spiritual challenges of adolescence and life on their middle school or high school campuses, youth leaders can “be there” to influence their lives. Penetrating the Campus offers youth leaders, parents, and volunteers an in-depth perspective and practical plans.

Penetrating the Campus gives an in-depth perspective for relating to teenagers on their turf and communicating God’s love to them. It gives practical plans for mobilizing and multiplying student leaders for the campus. This book helps bridge the gap between the church and the public school campus–probably the most important mission field in America today.

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Student Resources
Keivan Tehrani

Often youth leaders have flash, but little substance, in walking students toward maturity in faith. Your resources form deep followers of Jesus. I pray your work reaches a million more."

Keivan Tehrani
(San Francisco, CA)