The Heart of the Matter

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Dave Busby’s life-long quest to follow God jumps off each page of The Heart of the Matter. Written by Dave four years before his death, this book sold over 50,000 copies. Now updated by his wife, Lawanna, each chapter is preceded by excerpts from Dave’s never-before-published personal journals. Questions and discussion ideas for further study follow each chapter making it ideal for Bible studies of all ages.

Dave Busby was a mystery. In the midst of physical weakness from cystic fibrosis, polio, diabetes, heart disease and liver disease, came a spiritual strength that was living proof of 2 Corinthians 12:9. To say that Jesus was his only hope was not a cliché, but a daily, present reality. Don’t be surprised if you are deeply affected by the presence of God through him as you explore the very heart of the matter.

Chapters include:

  • The Way of the Warrior—Dave’s life story
  • The Thirsty Heart
  • The Searching Heart
  • The Receptive/Dependent Heart
  • The Overflowing Heart
  • The Passionate Heart
  • The Willing Heart
  • The Mournful Heart
  • The Restful Heart
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Mike Sigfrids

Moving Toward Maturity has allowed me to invest in my son and 4 of his friends for an hour before school. Most exciting is how often the conversation at the restaurant has extended to their classroom."

Mike Sigfrids
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