Time Alone With God Notebook

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What do you do when you spend time alone with God? Talk and listen! You talk to God and let Him talk to you. If you struggle with waking up, being bored or knowing what to do, this notebook is for you. It will:

  • motivate you to get up in the morning and meet with God
  • give you practical tools to guide you in your time with God
  • make the Bible come alive through your own insights into it
  • get you in touch with God through a simple prayer plan

The Moving Toward Maturity Leader's Guide is now offered as a FREE downloadable resource - click here for the entire book or click here for the shorter version. Inside, you will find all of the resources you need to relate to your students, perpare for your group, and lead interactive, lively and life-changing discussions. 

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Youth Leader Resources
Bob McNeil

Thanks to the crew at Reach Out for quality discipleship resources. We are taking about 60 youth and adults through Jesus No Equal this summer and use the Moving Toward Maturity series continually."

Bob McNeil
(Crestview, FL)