Student Solutions

Top 10

Top 10 ways to experience life change and become a LIFEchange(r):


1. Begin a relationship with Jesus
Following Jesus
2. Get to know Jesus better every day
Spending Time Alone with God
3. Give Jesus control of your life
Making Jesus Lord
4. Take the Jesus Journey
Jesus No Equal
Jesus No Equal Journal
5. Introduce your friends to Jesus
Giving Away Your Faith
6. Serve your friends like Jesus
Influencing Your World
7. Make disciples like Jesus
Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry

Claim your campus for Jesus
Taking Your Campus for Christ



9. Adopt your school for Jesus
10. Go on a mission with Jesus
Parent Resources
Erasto, Student

Joseph Chiteri reached out to me when I was not a believer and led me to the Lord. He continues to disciple me in God’s Word. In my life I have encountered great challenges, but I have overcome them because my pastor has been there for me. I have surrendered my life to share Christ with other young people."

Erasto, Student