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Missions Experience

How can your younger generation ministry expand its vision and missions involvement?

The Cross-Cultural Trip

Reach Out can involve you, your younger generation team and your student leaders in a cross-cultural trip to work with Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry leaders in the United States and in thirty-plus countries globally.

We connect you with other youth leaders who implement Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry. Then you go with us or you go on your own to enhance another ministry with your same vision and focus. Various, flexible options are available:

  • You go on a Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry training trip.
  • You take your younger generation team and student leaders on a regional, national or international trip.
  • You take your students on a cross-cultural trip.

As a result, participants will have invested in relationships that can last a life time, involved themselves in making a difference in the lives and ministries of others, and increased their own vision by seeing what God is doing in other places.

To schedule a missions experience, email us at for more info.

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Jeff Holloway

If Reach Out had not trained those leaders in Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry in 1978, I don't know where I, my family or so many kids in Crosby, Texas would be today."

Jeff Holloway
(Crosby, TX)