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Missions Experience

How can your younger generation ministry expand its vision and missions involvement?

The Cross-Cultural Trip

Reach Out can involve you, your younger generation team and your student leaders in a cross-cultural trip to work with Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry leaders in the United States and in thirty-plus countries globally.

We connect you with other youth leaders who implement Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry. Then you go with us or you go on your own to enhance another ministry with your same vision and focus. Various, flexible options are available:

  • You go on a Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry training trip.
  • You take your younger generation team and student leaders on a regional, national or international trip.
  • You take your students on a cross-cultural trip.

As a result, participants will have invested in relationships that can last a life time, involved themselves in making a difference in the lives and ministries of others, and increased their own vision by seeing what God is doing in other places.

To schedule a missions experience, email us at for more info.

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Bruce Thomas

The discipleship and mentoring you did with me is my foundation and is our base for Livada Orphan Care. You are, and will always be, the Paul of my life."

Bruce Thomas