Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry FORUM


REfocus your life and ministry at a Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry Forum!

Distraction? Stress? Conflict? Discouragement? Burnout? Apathetic kids?
Disinterested parents? Inexperienced Leaders? Unfocused strategy?

How do you REfocus on Jesus in your life and ministry?

At the Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry Forum, your younger generation ministry team—pastor, youth pastor, children’s leaders, volunteers, parents and student leaders—REfocus on Jesus’ simple, life-changing approach. Discover your personal and ministry plan to put that into action.

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Forum2Find out how to…

  • Go Deeper with Christ
  • Pray with Passion
  • Build Leaders
  • Disciple Students
  • Penetrate the Culture
  • Create Outreach Opportunities

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Material:  Each Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry Forum Package includes all the materials needed for your Forum - including a Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry Notebook for each attendee, nametags, pens, handouts, and additional resources to help your team in the implementation process.

During the Forum your team breaks into small groups, interacts creatively, reflects prayerfully and applies the Jesus-Focused elements practically.

After the Forum you will implement your unique “Plan of Action” in your church, in your life, and in your community and then see the younger generation become fruit-bearing disciples of Jesus.

The Reach Out Youth Solutions team will equip you as you go through the process.

Cost: After we receive your completed Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry Information Form, we will provide you with the Forum Package that will fill your needs.

9:00-9:55 Session 1–See the Big Picture
10:00-10:45 Session 2–Go Deeper with Christ
10:45-11:30 Session 3–Pray with Passion
11:45-12:30 Session 4–Build Leaders
12:30-1:15 Session 5–Disciple Students
1:15-2:00 Lunch (provided)
2:00-2:45 Session 6–Penetrate the Culture
2:45-3:30 Session 7–Create Outreach Opportunities
3:45-5:00 Putting It All Together


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Israel Ngirababo

The Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry Forum was one of the most important training experiences I have ever had in my life. I was so excited that I called 32 bishops representing various churches in Goma, Democratic Republic of Congo and shared with them what I had learned."

Israel Ngirababo
(Goma, Democratic Republic of Congo)