Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry FORUM


Step 2: Now it’s time to spread the word!

Cool! Now that we have a date and location for your Forum, it’s time to communicate to your own team and to your network.

We repeat: you will not be disappointed!

Communicate with your ministry team and with your network by following these simple steps:

  1. Use one or both of the following approaches to communicate with your team and your network:
  2. Personally recruit your ministry team to attend.
  3. Personally follow-up with your network through phone calls and face-to-face meetings to invite others to participate.

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Jonathan Adams

Reach Out began coaching me in college. When I envisioned implementing Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry at a large church, Reach Out coached me through the process. Now as pastor of a church plant, I still call upon them for coaching. Reach Out has shaped my ministry by consistently loving, encouraging and guiding me."

Jonathan Adams
(Atlanta, GA)